USA DV Lottery 2018 Application Process. From 1st October 2017, registration for DV Lottery 2018 will start. Interested and eligible applicants can apply for USA DV Lottery 2018 Application Process. Today we provide the details about USA DV Lottery 2018 Application Process.

The application process will open on the US Department of State official website. The application process will run from 1st October to 3rd November 2017. It will be a great opportunity for those who would be selected for DV 2018. We discuss the USA DV Lottery 2018 Application Process.



Every year the US Department of State announce DV (Diversified Visa). It is for the low immigration rate countries to the US. It is an annual immigration process. Recent five year 50,000 immigrates diverse into the USA. Six geographical region and low immigrate rates to the US are selected. USA DV Lottery 2018 Application Process is an online base process.

Eligible Country for 2018 DV Lottery:
US state select six geographical regions for immigrating visa. It includes many of country. Eligible country for 2018 DV Lottery are-

Bangladesh, China. Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, India, Jamaica, South Korea, United Kingdom (except North Ireland), Haiti, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Nigeria, Dominic Republic, Equador

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Candidates also can apply for their spouse who should have to born in the country.

The requirement for DV Lottery 2018:

Requirement 1: Candidates must be born individually native countries for qualify.
If any candidates are not born in the eligible countries, there are also another two ways that might qualify them-
1. If his/her spouse born in a native or eligible country
2.Were you born in a country whose natives are ineligible, but in which neither of your parents was born or legally resident at the time of your birth? If yes, you may claim the country of birth of one of your parents if it is a country whose natives are eligible for the DV-2018 program.

Requirement 2: Education and work experience is needed. For these the criteria is-
1. At least high school pass or equivalent, Completion of 12 years course
2. Two years of work experience

Required Information:
1. Name-as passport
2. Gender
3. Date of birth
4. City where candidate born
5. Country where candidate
6. Country of eligibility for DV programme
7. Recent photographs

Mailing Address Sample
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Postal Code/Zip Code

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