Typing is a skill that plays a key role in all profession. It is very important to get an official job. Good typing skill helps in various job sectors to easily get the job. Nowadays the offices give more value on selecting candidates who have a good typing skill. Some tricks for the quickly typing method are described here. There is no short way to be a good typewriter is all about practice and practices with some tricks. For being a good typewriter you should follow the given tricks-


Quickly Typing Method 2017:


  1. Comfortable Sitting Place: For being a good typewriter a comfortable place is the first needed thing. It helps you to type fluently and comfortably. It should be kept in mind that a comfortable place helps you always and it never is boring.


  1. Keep Hands in The Right Place: Keyboard is designed for a specific matter. Everybody should follow the feature of keyboard thus he/she can type quickly. Mistakes can be seen on typing. The finger of two hands should be placed at the right place. Finger placement of left hand is, keep the index finger on “F” middle finger on “D” Anamika on “S” and last finger place on “A”. For the right hand, the placement is, Index finger on “J” middle finger on “K” Anamika on “L” and the last one is on semicolon, keep the old finger of both hands on “SPACE” button.
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  1. Start Practising: Keep typing different words after maintaining the finger constantly. Continue the exercise. At the start, press the arms in that you placed the finger, begin typing. ‘ASDF’ observed by ‘JKL’; ‘then try typing these letters in capital letters. Then type these keys by way of setting the arms within the row keys under. Simultaneously try to type the ones keys inside the upper row. Now you can attempt to kind by way of urgent keys without searching on the keyboard.