SSC Result 2017 Bangladesh All Education Board will post on 4th May 2017. The Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Dhakil and comparative examinations 2017 under the Vocational Board moving on Thursday (February 1). More ladies than guys are getting the school-leaving SSC examinations in Bangladesh this season.

This season, 17, 81,962 learners — 9,10,501 guys and 8,76,112 ladies, will participate in the examinations. Of them, 14, 25,900 learners will sit for the SSC evaluation under eight common knowledge forums. Some 2, 56,501 learners will appear in the Dakhil exams while 1, 04,212 learners will participate in the SSC vocational examinations.

The education ministry resources said a maximum of 93 new examination centers have been set up as 1, 35,090 examinees have improved this season. A complete of 446 learners from eight international centers will also appear in the SSC examinations this season. This season, the SSC examinations will take place under innovative query documents except for Bangla 2nd document and British 1st and 2nd documents. An overall of 16, 51,523 learners from 28,119 schools showed up in the SSC and comparative examinations a season ago. Of them, 8, 42,933 learners were men and 8, 08,590 women. For the first time, 7 autistic learners come to mind the examinations.

Education minister Nurul Islam Nahid made this declaration at a media meeting at his secretariat office in town regarding the future examinations. Students with impairment would get 20 additional moments to complete examinations with the help of their scribes and Special kids (autistic and down syndrome) will have additional 30 moments as well as will be able to be with mother and father, instructor or assistant, said Nahid.

The theoretical portion of the examinations will end on Goal 8 and the realistic aspect will start on Goal 9, continues until 14 Goal 2017. Nahid also applied away accusations of instructors being directed to give higher ratings in an attempt to increase the success rate in SSC Result 2017.

A complete of 1,425,900 applicants sat for the SSC examination, 256,501 for Dakhil, and 104,212 for the SSC professional examination.This season 93 new centers were set up as 135,090 more applicants are taking the examinations, a Knowledge Ministry resource said.  Of all the examinees, 8,520 were missing and 16 were removed on the first day, according to quality control room review.  Of the 16, 10 are from the Vocational Board, five from the Madrasa Board and one from the Dhaka Board. Last season, 6,828 applicants were missing from the first day’s examination.


Chittagong Board

Total 112959 applicants presented in SSC Evaluation 2017 under Chittagong Board Bangladesh. Among them, 52066 were men learners and 60893 were women learners and more than 24259 learners from 2015. There were 102 facilities in Chittagong region, 13961 learners joined 23 facilities in Cox’s Bazar region, 13961 learners from 17 facilities in Rangamati region, 8029 applicants from 17 in Khagrachari and 2709 applicants from 10 in Bandarban region it indicates Complete 169 facilities under Chittagong Board Bangladesh. Complete 60 Cautious groups and 12 unique Cautious groups were for all monitoring.

Dhaka Board

There are Complete 1651523 applicants were joined the SSC Evaluation 2017. Regular applicants were 1474927 this season under the All Knowledge Board and this is the highest total in this season.The Board of Additional Knowledge, Dhaka, is responsible for providing all public schools apart from English-medium schools and madrassahs in Dhaka. The Dhaka board office is located at Bakshibazar, Dhaka. It also provides identification to new established non-governmental organizations and manages their improvements. Dhaka, Faridpur, Gazipur, Gopalganj, Jamalpur, Kishoreganj, Madaripur, Manikganj, Munshiganj, Mymensingh, Narayanganj, Narsingdi, Netrakona, Rajbari, Shariatpur, Sherpur, Tangail are included in the authority of BISE Dhaka.

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Comilla Board

A total of 1,83,684 applicants such as 1,00,410 women learners will appear at the Additional University Certification (SSC) examinations under the Comilla Knowledge Board this season.  The SSC examinations are planned to begin on Feb 2. The board power has established 60 vigilance groups under six regions this season to confirm unjustly indicates in the examination places. It has been noticed that almost 100 per cent applicants in the non-urban facilities go to the places with the hope of passing through unjust indicates. But due to the tight vigilance, they could hardly get any chance to follow any unjust indicates.

Out of the overall students; 62,877 learners appear in quality at 91 facilities in Comilla region, 28,129 learners at 39 facilities in Chandpur, 27,869 learners at  39 facilities in Brahmanbaria,  17,212 learners at 16 facilities in Feni, 14880 learners at 19 facilities in Laxmipur and 32,717 learners appears at 37 facilities from Noakhali region will sit in the examinations.

Comilla Knowledge BoardOperator Kaiser Ahmed said as many as 23,167 learners more will appear in the examinations than the season before and the board power also decided to set up more six examination facilities under the training board.


Barisal Board

A total of 14, 32, 727 (Fourteen Lac thirty-two thousand) learners showed up in the SSC and comparative examinations across the world under eight education forums from 28, 590 schools. From them, expected 33513 guys and 7, 04575 ladies be present at in the SSC and comparative exam at 3054 facilities across the world. There is total three Common group’s education and Madrasha program has taken the examinations. Every general program groups have total 9 topics with optionally available topics.

Sylhet Board

Sylhet Board is a very historical Knowledge board. Millions of learners are performing SSC exam under this board every season.Education Board of Sylhet provided us some data about places. In this season there were 812 schools to deliver their learners to execute SSC 199 places handled for them to sit.The total quantity of the applicant in Sylhet Board was 34 thousand and 883. From Moulvibazar 20 thousand and 700, from Sunamganj 20 thousand 133, from Dinajpur 18 thousand 390 learners have conducted the S.S.C exam.

From all of them, ladies were bigger than boy’s quantity. 41 thousand 699 boy student and 52 thousand 443 girl student joined quality.  All places of Sylhet were better to execute a good examination. All instructors were friendly and helpful.

Rajshahi Board

A total of 6,826 learners out of 1,651,523 were missing on the first day of SSC and its comparative examinations. On the day, the examinations on Bangla first document (compulsory), Sahaj Bangla first document and Bangla Language and Lifestyle of Bangladesh organized. The examinations of Quran Majid and Taz ibid were kept in Dakhil under Madrasa Board, Bangla-2 (1921, Creative) and Bangla-2 (8121, creative) in SSC Professional and Bangla-2 (1721, Creative) in Dakhil Professional were organized.

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A total of 847 learners in Dhaka Board, 421 in Rajshahi Board, 510 in Comilla Board, 423 in Jessore Board, 279 in Chittagong Board, 252 in Sylhet Board, 250 in Barisal Board and 306 in Dinajpur Board were missing. As many as 2,597 learners were under Madrasa Board and 981 under Technological Board were missing on the day. Both Jessore and Madrasa forums removed a student each while five learners were removed from Technological Board. SSC Outcome 2017 Rajshahi Board

The Additional University Certification (SSC), Dhakil and comparative examinations 2017 under 10 education forums moving on Thursday (February 1). Complete Board: 10; Complete Centers: 2,942; The total Candidates: 14,32,727; Complete Candidates Under Common Knowledge Board: 10,90,555; Complete Candidates Under Madrasah Board:  2,39,749; The total Candidates Under Technological Knowledge Board: 1,02,423. SSC Outcome 2017 Rajshahi Board

Jessore Board

One lakh 49 thousand 211 learners take to get involved in Jessore board. Among the examinees, 76 thousand 1 hundred 78 are men learners and 73 thousand 33 are women learners. There are 3,145 more ladies than guys taking these examinations in Jessore Knowledge Board.19420 learners as infrequent learners will take the test as unique learners, who sit for the assessments on maximum four topics, said a source of Jessore Knowledge Board.

Total 77,029 learners from Humanities division, 32,128 learners from Science division and 40,058 learners from business studies division take part these SSC Evaluation 2017 in Jessore Knowledge Board.

Dinajpur board

Dinajpur board is the newest general education board that began function in early 2006. This board was under Rajshahi board before that time. Dinajpur Board’s last year’s SSC result was very acceptable. 150,321 learners took aspect from that board a season ago and 134,021 approved. The pass rate was 89.59% which was last year’s 4thbest individual board result.

Generally, All Students want To about Outcome Posting Time frame. So, it Common Query from Dinajpur Knowledge Board SSC Students, When Will Post Dinajpur Board SSC Outcome 2017. The SSC Outcome 2017 Post Time frame Under Dinajpur Board Will Announced by The Authority of Bangladesh Knowledge Board. Also, Students Can Gather the Notice from Formal website website. Note That When The Dinajpur Board SSC Evaluation Outcome Post at The Same Timeframe All Knowledge Board Outcome Will Post. So, doesn’t worry about Outcome Posting Time frame. Before Posting the Evaluation Outcome, The Secretary of state for Knowledge Will Organize a press Meeting to Announced the Outcome Post Time frame. SSC Evaluation 2017 Start From 2 Feb and The Evaluation Complete 11 Feb 2017.

When The Outcome, Which way Students Can Check? Here you find that question Answer. Students Will Able to Examine SSC Outcome from Various Way such as by Send SMS, Examine Outcome by on the internet Others Ways.To Examine Dinajpur Board SSC Outcome 2017 by on the internet, Students have to Visit official website website. Then Give your All Information and Get the Result.

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Result of SSC exam 2017:

In this year the pass out rate was ……..  .Total ……….Students passed and out of them…….. Students achieved GPA 5. There was 100% pass out rate in ………. institutions.

In this year the pass rate was –

  • 86.39% in Dhaka board
  • 83.99% in Chittagong board
  • 59.03% in Comilla board
  • 77.24% in Barisal board
  • 80.26% in Sylhet board
  • 90.7% in Rajshahi board
  • 83.98% in Dinajpur board
  • 76.20% in Madrasah board.
  • 78.69% in Vocational board.

Total: 80.35%

Number of A+ holder were –

  • 49,481 in Dhaka board
  • 8,344 in Chittagong board
  •  4,450 in Comilla board
  • 2,288 in Barisal board
  • 2,663 in Sylhet board
  • 27,349  in Rajshahi board
  • 6,929 in Dinajpur board
  • 6,460 in Jessore board.
  • 2,610 in Madrasah board.
  • 4,187 in Vocational board.

Total: 1, 04, 761 Students


Top School According to SSC result 2017

1, 04, 761  get GPA-5: No students pass from 93 schools

(School name ) , securing (%) and Total Gpa5 is (Number) , has bagged the first position among the Dhaka Board institutions in the Secondary School Certificate.

(School name) stood second with (%), while (school Name) became third with (%) .

Of the top 20 institutions of the board, (number) are from Dhaka, (number) from (board name) and (Number) from (board Name).

The point is counted based on number of candidates, students passed and the number of students obtaining GPA-5.

(School Name) obtained (%) and Total A+ (number) and stood fourth,

5th is (School Name) with (number), Total A+ (number)

6th is (School Name) with (number), Total A+ (number)

(School Name) on 7th place with (number), Total A+ (number)

(School Name) on 8th place with (number) Total A+ (number)

9th is (school Name) with (Number), Total A+ (number)

(School name) became 10th with (number), Total A+ (number)

(School Name) became 11th with (Number), Total A+ (Number)

(School name) stood 12 with (number), Total A+ (number)

(School Name) became 13th with (Number), Total A+ (number)

A total of (number) educational institutions achieved 100 per cent pass rate in this year’s SSC and equivalent examinations while the number was (number) last year. The number is 361 less than that of the previous year. Of those, (number) institutions are from Dhaka, (number) from Rajshahi, (number) from Comilla, (number)  from Jessore, (number)  from Chittagong, (number)  from Barisal, (number)  from Sylhet, (number)  from Dinajpur, while (number)  are under Madrasa Board and (number)  under Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). None passes from (number) institutions .Students of (number) schools and madrasas under eight education boards out of (number)  boards failed to come out successful.

According to the SSC results published, the board-wise number of such institutions is (number)  under Dhaka Board, (number)  under Rajshahi Board, (number)  under Comilla, (number)  under Jessore, (number)  under Barisal, one under Sylhet, (number) under Dinajpur and (number)  under the Madrasa Board. The number of schools and madrasas was (number) with ‘zero results’ in the last year.