PSC Exam Result 2017; published by primary education board


The board of primary education has announced that the Primary School Certificate (PSC) scholarship result-2017 will be published in the 2nd week of April 2017.

As you know the PSC results has already available since December 2016 and students who appeared in the exam process already got their results.

The PSC exam result scholarship will be given to 64 districts and this year about 55,000 students will receive their scholarship compare to last year result scholarship was given to 52000 students.


Types of scholarship:

There are two types of scholarship given based on primary exam results and these are:

  1. Talent pool scholarship

There are 26000 students got talent pool scholarship in 2017. This scholarship is most desirable for every student and their parents. Students who get A+ in all subjects are eligible for talent pool scholarship.

This is the highest recognition from the primary education board. All students get motivated for their future career because this is their starting point of their primary life.

When they achieve GPA 5 it is the symbol of excellent meritorious and there will be high chance to become doctor, engineer or get a job to any highest professional services.

Also, a talent pool scholarship represents the overall educational progress that they are receiving from their particular institution.

  1. General grade scholarship

There are 32000 students got a scholarship in general grade this year 2017. It is for those students who do not get GPA5 from their exam or somehow they missed A+ in one or two subjects.

Although it is not equivalent to talent pool scholarship but it is also recognition of our education authority.

So, those who are receiving a general grade scholarship also highly motivated by this incentive.


 How you can get your PSC results scholarship 2017:

There are various ways you can find your scholarship results and these are, and these are

  1. From Directorate of primary education board official website

You can find your children result in scholarship 2017 through the directorate website to You can find your results easily from this site.

  1. From all educational board

Also, you can obtain your results scholarship from all educational board just you need to download the scholarship lists from this website and you can find your candidates name from the downloaded lists.

  1. From all district office

Candidates also find their PSC Exam scholarship results from the DC education office of every district in Bangladesh. Those who are living nearby can contact the district education office at your convenient time.

  1. From your own school

You can collect your scholarship news from the institution from where you already registered and appeared for your PSC exam. You can find from the lists that send by the directorate of the Primary education board.

  1. From online source

Also, there are many portal proving you the service of your exam scholarship results in 2017 and we are the pioneer of providing you latest and quickest exam results so you can contact us by leaving a message on our site or on Facebook. We will reply you at our earliest convenient time


Final verdict:

Although, the largest exam candidates participated in the PSC exam scholarship results 2017 and it is their first exam in their early life but it is really important if they get scholarship as a recognition that will boost up their confidence level and helps to build their future career based on this results and some incentive from government for their motivational purposes.

PSC Result and PSC Scholarship Result.