Ebtedayi Scholarship Result 2017

Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid, education minister of the ministry of education has confirmed that the students who are studying under madrasa board also eligible for the scholarship. The board of primary education has announced the Ebtedayi Scholarship Result2017 will be published in the 2nd week of April’2017.

Ebtedayi students deserted from scholarship by the Government. The scholarship only provides to general level primary school certificate students. And finally, the government has confirmed that from now on Ebtedayi students also will receive incentives on a 3 years basis.

There are approximately 6 thousand 7 hundred and 32 Madrasa institutions providing their educational services to primary level students. Also, there are 9 thousand and 30 Fazil and Kamil madrasa available in Bangladesh.

The total twenty-one lack ninety-seven thousand eight hundred and seventy-seven students are studying in the different level under madrasa board.

The government has published the guidelines for scholarship criteria. The students will receive the scholarship on a 3 years basis will start from class VI up to class VIII.

Please keep in mind that study gap will not meet the eligibility of receiving the scholarship. The madrasa must be registered with governmental authority body only they claim the scholarship.

Students who get CGPA 3.00 will get talent pool scholarship and CGPA 2.00 will receive general grade scholarship.

The scholarship will be given to twenty-two thousand for talent pool and thirty-three thousand for general grade scholarship. There is no difference between boys and girls both will get an equal amount of scholarship. The directorate of primary education board has warned that no school can take any charge for the scholarship from the eligible student’s side. If any school will involve this unethical action they will get punished by the authority.

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The Ebtadayi scholarship will be given based on two categories:

  1. Talent pool scholarship

The students will be awarded TK. 3oo every month for 3 years for the talent pool scholarship and it will start from class VI.

  1. General grade scholarship

The eligibility criteria of general grade scholarship category are students need to achieve grade point of 2.00 will receive TK.225 monthly for the next 3 years.

How you get your Ebtedayi result 2017:

You can get your Ebtedayi results through mobile SMS services. No matter what operator you are using it is unique number dedicated to receiving your exam result and the number is 16222.

So, what I advise you to go to the mobile phone message options and type EBT>space>thana/upozela>space Ebtedayi Roll number then send it to 16222. You will receive your result return SMS.

Final verdict:

Although, the scholarship not declared at the same time of general level PSC scholarship results. But getting a scholarship in Ebtedayi level is really great news for thousands of students who are waiting for Ebtedayi scholarship result 2017.

There are huge numbers of students who studying under the Madrasa board so this scholarship will make them more competitive with the PSC level students.