Dakhil Results 2017 Published by Madrasa Education Board.

Dakhil Education equivalent to SSC that held in February 2017 finish in March 2017 and students are waiting for their expected results. The Dakhil exam results 2017 will publish by the Madrasa Education Board with the pre-approval by the ministry of education.

At present most exciting and talking moment for candidates to get their result and try to find out good institution for getting upcoming admission. The education minister of Bangladesh, Nurul Islam Nahid has confirmed that the Dakhil and SSC or equivalent exam result will publish last week of May 2017 as the same date everywhere in Bangladesh with another exam.

Along with, SSC exam, there are a huge number of students participated in Dakhil exam and about 2 lac 56 thousand and 380 candidates have appeared in the  Madrasa Board Exam.

There are many ways you can get your result if you want to know the different method of getting your upcoming accurate result, this article will guide you how you can obtain your Dakhil exam result easily and conveniently? So, keep reading!!

So, the talk of the Madrasa board students is how to get my Dakhil exam result more quickly? And we must say you can come to know your outcome by using different online media and these are describing step by step in the following way.

It will not only help you to get your result on time but also gives you an alternative method so that if you cannot get your result by using one server you can go for another one.

Obtain your Dakhil results in 2017 by using online media:

If you follow a very simple way you can get your Dakhil Results 2017 through the internet. If you have an internet supportive device like Desktop computer, Laptop or a Smartphone and we think most people in Bangladesh have their own Smartphone.

Even though, if you do not have any digital device, you can request your friends or relatives who already have so it does not a difficult task for you.

You need to buy data package and make sure it is activated in your device. If you have desktop or laptop you can use broadband or dial-up connection. Then you need to visit the official website of Madrasa Education Board as www.bmeb.gov.bd.

You able to get your result within a few seconds when you input your details whatever they ask for this particular website. You also can get your exam results from the ministry of education website to www.educationboardresults.gov.bd and this is the official website of the education ministry.


SSC Result 2017 2018 2019
SSC Result 2017


Own Institute:

The Students can receive their exam result by visiting their own institute. Because the Madrasa Education Board send the tabulation sheet to all the institutions so that students can get their results by a physical visit to the school where they registered for their Exam.

Dakhil Exam Results 2017 through Mobile SMS system:

Students also can get their Dakhil Exam Results 2017 by activating and sending SMS to specific numbers for this particular service. If you want to obtain you Dakhil results you have to follow the following method:

First of all, you have to write  {Dakhil>then space> then name of first 3 letters of participating board>space>Roll number>exam year>send to 16222}.

As you can see one sample made by us:

Dakhil MAD 558966 2017 then send it to 16222 and this SMS number enable to all operators so no matter what Mobile network you are using you will receive your message straightway. But keep in mind the SMS service is not free of costs as they will charge you Taka. 2 for each SMS excluding 15% and 3% SD that means you have to charge 2 takas and 36 paise per SMS. Also, because of pick time, you will receive a return SMS as soon as server responses your SMS depends on load and frequency. But if you are the customer of Teletalk then you will receive your result more quickly compare to other operators. Also, you can get you best service if you visit our website. We will definitely inform this one of the top public exam results through our site. You can also leave a message through our Facebook page then we will definitely inform you most updated information.


Dakhil Exam Results 2017 through Android Apps:

Due to the advancement of modern technology you can able to receive your Dakhil Exam Results 2017 by using Android Apps. Just go Google play and download your app from education category.

After downloading you need to open your app and choose education category. After reaching education category you need to insert your roll number and write the year you are expecting your result. Then you need to click submit button and within a few moment you able to see your Dakhil exam results 2017 from your Android display. If you having difficulties while you are downloading or installing your Apps or during collecting your result, internet speed or SMS sending then you have a wait for a moment because of the rush hour. Also, you can notify us your problem so that we can start working on those particular issues to resolve quickly and provide you best possible service. We do apologize prior for any inconvenience caused when you use our services for Dakhil exam results 2017.


Final verdict:

Although, modern technology provide us most effective services but sometimes it gives us an extra headache because during the rush time it does not provide our best services due to server load and frequency. As for example if you send SMS from a remote area where mobile network not that much good enough it will take longer time more than 12 hours. Also, there is a risk of not getting an accurate result if you make mistakes for not putting correct roll number or registration number and you will get depressed or frustrated. So, it’s better for you to have a strategic plan or alternative plan to receive your Dakhil Exam Results 2017 and if you go to the institution that you appeared for the exam you will get most accurate results without any inconvenience caused. We wish you best of luck from your Dakhil Exam Results 2017.