Madrasa Education Board is the sole responsibility to conduct two public examinations Dakhil and Alim that is equivalent to SSC and HSC level exam. As you know the HSC is one of the largest exam assessment systems in Bangladesh.

The position of the Alim education is 3rd in Bangladesh board education system and it is considered is the top assessment process for Madrasa students and is the gateway for their higher studies.

After completing SSC level many students got admission in Alim or HSC level. All the students of Alim are eagerly waiting for Alim Results 2017. Because after getting their Alim results they will take a final decision whether they go for university admission test or stay in their track for Fazil and Kamil level.

This article is for you who are waiting for exam results with huge excitement. We will provide you some important information related to your upcoming results that will ensure you that you can get your results without further delay and smoothly.

If you appeared your exam under Madrasa Education Board this information is an exact match with you so keep reading and obtain the helpful information from this article.

The ministry of Education already announced the Alim exam routine 2017 and when the exam is finished they will declare the exam results 2017 time as well. So, you have to prepare for yourself to receive your results fast.

How to search out Alim Results 2017 more quickly?

This is a very common phenomenon that most students have their common question the result will publish but how we get our result faster than previous time. You do not know the exact process so that getting your result in your hand could delay. If you aware of the method or have some pre-idea how to get your result very quickly then you will receive your results swiftly. If you do not have an idea how to deal with various methods then follow our step by step guidelines. It will boost up your confidence along with you feel it is very simple and easy to use.

There are several ways that you can get your Alim results in 2017 and these are discussed in the following way:

Madrasa Board website:

The Madrasa board is dealing with religious students especially Islam. After conducting public exam like Alim equivalent to HSC they publish the exam result within a specific period of time. So, when you need to know your result you just want to visit the Madrasa Education Board website www.bmeb.gov.bd by inserting your essential information whatever they require like your roll number or registration number.

There are some technical problems as well as sometimes you do not get your result within your desired time. Because during Alim results day the server of Madrasa Education Board will be very slow due to thousands of sudden visitors. So you should consider it is an accident. But you do not need to worry about that because you have plenty of options.

You can view your result within or after 2 pm. If you are planning to check your result through Madrasa Education Board website it is very easy and simple process.

When you visit this site just select your examination and you already know it is Alim and you have to choose your exam year it is 2017. Then insert your Roll Number then your registration number in the next option. Now please use cap the like you are not a robot and finally submit for your expecting result.

For your better understanding we will create step by step guidelines so you can check your own result easily:

  1. First, you have to log in Madrasa Education Board official website.
  2. Then you have to choose Alim/HSC equivalent exam from the options that given to you.
  3. In the exam year box please select 2017 so if will provide you more specific search results.
  4. Then select Madrasa Board option because you are an Alim candidate.
  5. In the Roll number box option please put your exact roll number of Board exam.
  6. You have to insert your registration number in the new option.
  7. Finally, you have to put captcha code you have to deal it according to the site requirement. You do not mix up with the code otherwise, it suspects you are not a human being.
  8. After completing all the option you have to press submit button then wait for your most exciting result.

Get your Alim results in 2017 by using SMS:

You can check your Alim results in 2017 by using SMS service. You need to use the standard mobile phone by following the proper instructions. You need to send your SMS to one particular number that enables to all mobile operators.

You should follow the following guidelines:

Alim/HSC then >space then you need to put first three letter of your board name like Madrasa board MAD> then insert your roll number> expected exam year, in this case, put 2017 and finally, you have to send it to 16222.

Here is one example that would be more helpful for you to understand:


After that, you will see the result on your mobile screen and the SMS not free of costs you have to pay approximate 2.50 taka per SMS to receive your Exam result.

Finally, we expect with a great hope that you will get a better understanding from this informative article. If you face any difficulties when you are trying to get your results or technical problem to collect your Alim results in 2017. Hope you will receive your exam result without any hassle and will be pleasant while you receive your result.

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Thank you for your active participation and being with us and we wish your best outcome from your Alim exam results in 2017.