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In 1780 the British government was formed Alia madrasah and at the same time, they established madrasah education Board of Bengal. The prime minister late A.K Fazlul Huq affirmed Kolkata in a prize ceremony that the madrasah education must be up to date and focused on establishing an Arabic University. After the independence of Bangladesh, it took necessary steps to modernize education system where Bengali, science, English, mathematics, social science and general science made compulsory. Finally, in 1978 madrasah Education Board was established by passing the ordinance for the madrasah Education Modernization project.
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madrasah Education Board or Alia madrasah Education Board, Bangladesh founded in 1979 as an autonomous organization. In 1980 humanity and science were included in Alim level. In 1985 dakhil level was given the degree equivalent Equivalent to SSC and Fazil degree was given equivalent to BA. The Alim degree was given certificated equivalent to HSC. There are other Humanities, science, Business and technical education has been incorporated in madrasah education. During that time a Fazil and Kamil degree is included and given equivalent to BA and MA degree.

Kamil exam is considered is the highest madrasah Board public examination in Bangladesh. madrasah Education board was established for the purpose of organization, regulation, supervision, control, development and improvement of madrasah education. Dakhil, Alim, Fazil, and Kamil are the main degrees of madrasah education. The board is liable for arranging this public examination by preparing and printing questions, distributing them to the respected exam center. Also, they make transcripts, a tabulation sheet, certificate and so on. Students who are participating in the Alim exam generally in April each year depends on the starting and ending time declared by the board. And the exam pattern also includes many religious subjects that help the Alim students to learn the core value system of Islam. The board introduces various courses including the holy Quran, Hadith, and Usulul final 1st paper and 2nd paper, Arabic 1st paper and 2nd paper, Bangla English Islamic history also Islamic economics, Urdu, Farsi, and computer education that ensures students who studying in madrasah education system also have opportunity to become civil professional in this modern society.

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The board also believe that general education really important besides Islamic education to compete for the modern job environment and other nationals in the manner of knowledge.


The madrasah board has its own curriculum that helps them to provide unique educational facilities to the students that are as follows:

  1. Dakhil class6- class 8
  2. Dakhil general
  3. Dakhil Muzabbid
  4. Dakhil of science
  5. Dakhil Hifz ul Quran
  6. Dakhil of Business studies
  7. Alim general
  8. Alim science
  9. Alim Business studies

The board is proving the following services:

  1. Preparing tabulation sheet, transcript, and certificate for students.
  2. If anyone needs certificate they can withdraw the certificated from the board
  3. If any students need to correct or change their name the board can help them.
  4. They provide guidelines if any students want to get admission from general to madrasah system.
  5. There is a translation service available if anyone required for another purpose.

Rules if anyone loses the certificate or transcript of madrasah Board:

  1. Those who lose their academic documents they must need to make a general diary in the local Thana first then they have to submit GD’s name, full address, roll number and registration number including how and when they lost it.
  2. A notice to be published in the newspaper with their name, father’s name, year passing, board, roll and registration number.
  3. After filling the designated form that available on the ground floor of the main building they have to submit the form with 1 passport photograph, bank draft, newspaper cuttings, name and date of publication of the notice and a copy of GD must be attached at the time of
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Contact Information:

The madrasah board is situated in Dhaka Bakshi Bazar, so if you have any query or want to withdraw your respected documents you can contact whether sending a letter by post or visit personally. Here is the address of the board.

Official Address:

Bangladesh madrasahh Education Board

Address: 2 Orphanage Road, Baksibazar, Dhaka

Phone: 8626138, Accounts department : 9675520

Fax: 8616681, 8620841

E-mail: [email protected]


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