The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE), Dhaka was established on 7th May 1921. According to the ordinance of the East Pakistan Intermediate and Secondary Education ( Ordinance No. XXXIII OF 1961) and the amendments ( XVI of 1962 & XVII of 1977), it’s an autonomous and self-controlled organization responsible for the control, supervision, organization, and development of Intermediate and Secondary public examinations and the educational institutes under the Dhaka board.
The BISE, Dhaka that we see today has gone through several changes and modifications since the day of its foundation. Initially, the high schools and intermediate colleges of Dhaka city and the Islamic institutes of the greater Bengal were under the supervision of this board. The responsibility of this board was delegated to an advisory board formed by the director of the public education department of greater Bengal during that time.


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The board was terminated in 1947 as a result of a government order and got its new name- ‘East Bengal Secondary Education Board’ in 1955. It ran successfully till 1961 though the governing body faced lots of difficulties to conduct their official activities. In 1961, the control of the intermediate education of the East Pakistan was handed over to the University of Dhaka and the name was changed into- ‘Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, East Pakistan’.
Finally, after winning the liberation war in 1971, it became the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka and got the opportunity to operate their activities within Dhaka division.
The present Chairman of Dhaka board is Professor Md. Mahabubur Rahman who is appointed as the chairman of BISE, Dhaka since 19th April 2016. He was born in 1961 at Sharangdiya village, Magura.
The functioning of Dhaka board is regulated by a board committee including the Chairman and eleven other members from different categories supported by the Ministry of Education for three years. There are a lot more committees such as- academic, educational, finance, regulation, disciplinary, examination, selection, appeal & arbitration, and name & age correction committee etc. to ensure smooth flow of activities within the board.
Activities conducted by BISE, Dhaka-
• Taking the responsibility of registration of all the students of Dhaka board for the S.S.C & H.S.C examinations and distributing the registration cards.
• Making proper arrangement for these two public examinations and publishing the result within a specific time frame.
• Performing all the activities related to the examination such as- preparation of the question paper, revision, printing the question paper, sending the questions to the respective centers through Deputy Commissioners maintaining secrecy, and finally distributing the answer scripts among the examiners for processing the result.
• Distributing the tabulation sheet, academic transcript, and certificate after publishing the result.
• Making an arrangement of the payment for the teachers for their service.
• Providing approval to the newly established educational institutions upon proper investigation, approving the respective managing committees and finally allowing them to enroll students according to the government rules of this country.
Since Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh, it’s obvious that this is the ‘centre of excellence’ for the all the educational activities to maintain the quality of education at a satisfactory level.

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