The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Comilla is an independent company that is mainly accountable for having community exams (Junior School Certification (J.S.C.), Additional School Certification (S.S.C.), and Greater Additional (School) Certification (H.S.C)) in the Comilla Region and five close by regions of Comilla Division. The board was recognized in 1962 under the Eastern Pakistan Advanced and Additional Information Regulation, 1962

Prominent academic institutions
Prominent schools under the board are following:

• ComillaZilla School
• Comilla Contemporary Great School
• Comilla Cadet College
• Comilla Victoria Govt College
• Ibn Tamiya School and College
• NawabFaizunnesaGovt Women’s Great School
• NoakhaliZilla School
• Adhyapak Abdul Majid College
• Anna Govt Great School
• FeniGovt College
• FeniGovt Women’s Great School
• FeniGovt Lead Great School
• Feni Women’s Cadet College
• Gunabati College
• Gunabati Great School
• Gunabati Al Farabi Great School
• Gunabati Women’s Great School
• Hasan Ali Govt Great School
• ChandkoraSikandar Ali Additional School

SSC Result 2017

Rules of Business

1. To start a new school or college, the program must be sent to the board four several weeks before the beginning of academic season centered on government.
2. Fees of the board have to be presented in support of Assistant of the board through C.D. of Sonali Financial institution, B.I.S.E. Comilla Division or Requirement Set up of any other branch of Sonali Financial institution. No other method of transaction is approved.
3. Attempts have to be taken to type new handling committee/governing body system before expiry time frame of handling committee/governing body system and have to be sent to board within the planned time for acceptance.
4. (a) Age of college student for signing up in category IX is at least 12 (Twelve) decades.

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(b) Any college student efficiently finishing category VIII from any approved school can join category IX.
(c) Generally immediate (First) signing up in category IX is not allowable. But if anybody can display the certificate of Headmaster of the appropriate school that he or she has obtained the skills equal to category VIII, can be registered in category IX within the Thirty-first Goal of the academic season with the unique concern and before authorization of the training board.
5. Age of college student for showing in the S.S.C. Evaluation is at least 14 (Fourteen) decades on 1st Goal of the season of examination.
6. Student above 18 (Eighteen) decades of age cannot research in category IX and college student above 19 (Nineteen) decades of age cannot research in category X.
7. There is no age restrict for learning in Greater Additional level and for showing in the Greater Additional Evaluation.
8. It is possible to appear in the H.S.C. Evaluation as an infrequent (Private) examinee several decades after moving the S.S.C. Evaluation.
9. If many students, approved from the international system is willing to join category XI of any approved college of Bangladesh, has to take before authorization from the Examiner of Universities of the board.
10. If many students approved from the international institution (board, university) is willing to join category XI of any approved college of Bangladesh has to make an application for equivalency of his obtained level on the board.
11. For starting any new topic in any school/college, taking before authorization from the involved department of the board is necessary.
12. An infrequent (Private) examinee will not be able to take the individuals which have realistic and sessional examinations
13. Correction of Mistakes in Registration Cards and Confess Card: A personal has to fill-up the O.M.R. understandable SIF (Student Information Form) properly after getting confessed into category IX and XI. Then he has the choice to fix any errors examining the document duplicate. No program for modifying will be authorized after distribution of signing up the card and admit card.