Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Rajshahi, Bangladesh


The Rajshahi Education Board, Bangladesh is a self-governing organization mainly accountable for organizing two public examinations (SSC& HSC) and also provides permission for upcoming educational institutions and ensures strong supervision and control and development of those organizations.

This Education Board was established in 1961 under the provision of East Pakistan secondary and intermediate ordinance, No.XXXIII. And finally came into effects with its two times amendments No. XVI of 1962 and No. XVII of 1977


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Objectives of the Board:

Its main objective is to offer quality educational services for secondary and higher secondary levels. It conducts public examinations in the designated area around the year and also maintaining the greater standard of the educational institutions.

The focus of the Board:

It always concentrates on spot inspection for improvement of the services and also provides assistance and valuable advice for outlining managing committee of schools and colleges. The board also controls the enrolment of the students in schools and colleges and also ensure and improvement of physical education. It organizes two public board exams in the Rajshahi Division and also provides a stipend to meritorious students based on their exam results.

Organization’s structure:

Although the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Rajshahi is an autonomous organization but it operates all functions under the great supervision of Ministry of Education of Bangladesh. The chairman and eleven members of different fields formatted a committee that needs pre-approval by the ministry. The committee is for 3 years and the chairman is considered the chief executive officer of the board. The committees are

  1. Academic
  2. Examination
  3. Disciplinary
  4. Finance
  5. Selection
  6. Regulation
  7. Appeal and arbitration
  8. Name age correction committee and so on.
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Core Activities of the Board:

  1. Preparation of registration for Class nine and eleven students and allocates their registration card.
  2. Arrange two public examinations- SSC and HSC and circulate their results within a precise time period.
  3. After circulating the public results they prepare tabulation sheet, academic transcript, and certificate and handed them to students.
  4. They act as a guide and protect the welfare of the teacher’s job of non-government institutions by holding a meeting of appeal and arbitration.
  5. Monitor and visits newly established schools and colleges and provide approval of the managing committee and allow them to enroll students by following government rules.
  6. They conduct examination related activities like question papers preparation, revision if necessary, printing activities and sending all the materials to the respected institutions.
  7. They also ensure salaries for that teacher’s who involved these exam activities.



Administering School and College:

The Board of Rajshahi also provides permission for establishing new School and Colleges (Non-Government) and give approval by the board. They also monitor closely by giving an endorsement of the managing committee of schools and colleges, removing their disputes, regular inspection, and supervision also some of their regular business.

Rule of Business:

  1. All the new application of starting new schools and colleges need to be submitted to the board four months prior to the commencement of academic year the format that defined by Government.
  2. All fees that incurred by the operational activities have to be paid in favor of Secretary of Board C.D of Sonali Bank, Greater Road, Rajshahi.
  3. The board takes initiative to outline new managing committee before the expiry date and they ensure the institutions must submit new governing body within the specified time period for approval.
  4. To enroll in class nine is at least 12 years of age and students who completed successfully their JSC exam from any approved schools can eligible to take admission in class nine.
  5. Direct enrolment in class nine is not allowed until or unless they took the certificated from the head teacher of the school that he or she has sufficient knowledge that alike class eight so they can enroll in class nine but within 31 march of the academic year.
  6. SSC exam students have their age at least 14 years on the 1st march of the exam year.
  7. That student who has an age of above 18 and students above 19 cannot eligible to get admission in class nine and ten.
  8. For higher secondary Examinations the age limit is fully flexible and also has opportunities of sit for HSC exam as a private student but not longer than 3 years after passing SSC exam.
  9. Students who completed their SSC or equivalent from foreign institutes and wanted to study in class XI they have to take pre-approval from the inspector of colleges of the board.
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If you need any query or want to further contact please send us a letter or come and visit in person to Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Metropolitan City center, P.S: Boalia, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.